Yes there are abandon gods. They were betrayed by the other gods or just plain forgotton about.

List of Abandon godsEdit

Material gods (Hephaestus-Aphrodite)Edit

  • Rogan, god of stone
  • De, goddess of steel
  • Holt, god of bronze
  • Torrk, god of iron
  • Hete, goddess of gold
  • Fades, god of platinum
  • Flaget, goddess of copper
  • Mothle, god of tin

The fire gods (Hephaestus-Hestia)Edit

  • Flas, god of Blue Fire
  • Snald, god of Green Fire
  • Walro, god of Embers
  • Seth, god of Ashes

The Death gods (Hades-Melione)Edit

  • Ale, goddess of Murder
  • Wagner, god of Fatal Sicknesses
  • Dally, goddess of Suicide
  • Lenda, goddess of Fatal Injury
  • Wanda, goddess of Stillborn
  • Santet, goddess of Health Deforms

Internet gods (Hermes-Ale)Edit

  • Antis, god of Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter
  • Lolanack, goddess of E-Mail
  • Nuthe, god of Search Engines
  • Plonth, god of Viruses
  • Roplot, god of MMORPGs


  • Arachnea, goddess of spiders
  • Lilsena, goddess of Ladders

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