This is for our battle gear.

Brandon's GearEdit

  • A Sentinal Platinum Sword, Demon Winds, that controls air.
  • Whatever clothes I was wearing
  • A Indestructable Shield, called Cutless Shield
  • A Greek helmet with an eagle on top instea of Horse Hairs
  • A Greek Breastplate with Inscriptions of notable scenes in the First Titan War.
  • An Amulet with magical powers
  • A Poisoned Dagger clipped to my Belt
  • A Crystal Wand clipped to my Belt
  • An Elven belt
  • A Backpack with unlimited space, from the Lotus Hotel and Casino
  • A Dwarven Warhorn
  • Two Flying Zig-Tecks
  • Two gloves with Frozen Copper Claws that go in and out.

In BackpackEdit

  • Two bags of Ambrosia
  • Two Cups of Nectar
  • A map of the area I'm in
  • Lotus Hotel and Casino Platinum card
  • A Master Lockpick
  • A Key of Hades

Sander's GearEdit

  • A Crossbow with Indecary and Trap Bolts
  • A Big Daddy Sute
  • Big Sister ADAM Drainer


  • A Box of Ambrosia
  • Pictures of my Every Project
  • Bathephere Key

Mr. A's GearEdit

  • A Celestial Bronze Mace
  • A Round Shield

Jason's GearEdit

  1. Lailaps(thats hurricane in Ancient Greek)my totally awesome oceanic steel three foot long sword
  2. my sheild, traditional ancient greeek style, blu with black waves outlined in white, made of oceanic steel too.

{i have these but i dont have these if you get my meaning}

Ace's Gear Edit

  1. War Hammer (can catch on fire)(Gift from my father)
  2. My shield, traditional ancient greek style, Black with Red, Yellow, and Orange flames outlined in gold.
  3. A bracelet, with a Pegasus charm. Charm can be called forth to summon an all black pegasus, with red eyes and flaming wings.
  4. Black gloves, leaves my finger open.
  5. My clothes that I am wearing
  6. A backpack

My backpack Edit

  • Cell phone
  • 10 Golden Drachmas
  • A pack of Nectar and Ambrosia

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