Weapons used for fighting monsters up close.

  • Sword ( Either made out of Stygian Iron, Imperial Gold, or Celestial Bronze.)
  • Pocket Knife, made out of the same materials as listed above.
  • Knife, short reach good for last resort and surprise attacks.
  • Spear, long reach good for a defensive plan.
  • Staff, blessed wood soaked in holy water, needs martial art training to use effectively.
  • Wand, Children of Hecate and other trained forces, sacredly carved.
  • Mace or Axe, good at ignoring armor and crippling the enemy.
  • Bucklers Shield, a small hand held shield that works like a boxing glove
  • Greek style shield, strap in the middle handle on the edge, a very useful shield
  • Trident, a three pronged spear, usually combined with a net, weapon of Poseidon
  • Bident, a two pronged spear, weapon of Hades
  • Club, mostly usd by nature spirits, but available to demigods
  • Machete, (see sword)
  • Katana, (See sword)
  • Claymore, a two handed Sword
  • Hidden Blade, good for surprise attacks and assassinations
  • Dagger, (See Knife)
  • War hammer, a hammer used in battle
  • Battle axe, an axe used in battle
  • Musket Blade, a demigod Musket can be used as ranged and Close combat
  • Basilisk Fang, with Basilisk Venom
  • Demigod powers, powers inherited from a godly parent

Ranger JoeEdit

Weapons used to attack things from a distance.

  • Bow and Arrow, made out of strong wood, preferable Micheal Yew
  • Throwing knives, knives made unbalanced, meant to throw.
  • Javelin, Spears made like Arrows.
  • Demigod powers, can be used up close and far away. (Children of Poseidon control water, children of Zeus control lighting, etc.)
  • Crossbow, hits hard and is quiet
  • Grenades, make special explosions for monster damage
  • Repeating crossbow, a faster reload
  • Guns, celestial bronze bullets invented by Dr. Fredrick Chase
  • Throwing stars, demigod metal throwing stars